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{2012 national stationery show} ‘just generally badass’ from old sweet song

June 15, 2012  /  blue barnhouse, dear hancock, guest blogger, national stationery show, old sweet song

baseball cards by left field cards

card by one canoe two

calendar by dear hancock

card by two paperdolls

card by blue barnhouse

Ginormous thanks to Amy for putting these posts together this week! I’ve loved seeing the Stationery Show through her lens. And if you aren’t already a mega fan of Old Sweet Song, I urge you to go get lost in Amy’s blog this very moment; I promise you won’t regret it. I leave you with this classic photo of Amy and me from January. Long live #amyface!

{images by amy ferguson of old sweet song}


{2012 national stationery show} ‘booze related’ from old sweet song

June 12, 2012  /  blue barnhouse, guest blogger, national stationery show, old sweet song

card by blue barnhouse
card by printerette press
card by farewell paperie
card by anemone letterpress
coasters by rifle paper co.
wine tags by 9spotmonk

{all images by amy ferguson of old sweet song}


{2011 national stationery show} the sardonic & the silly

June 2, 2011  /  blue barnhouse, gilah press, national stationery show

{card by flywheel press}

{cards by blue barnhouse}

{card by gilah press}

{cards by old tom foolery}

{cards by paper mill designs}

{card by hard cards}

{card by sapling press}

{card by mcbitterson’s}

I have the distinct pleasure of getting to see buyer’s reactions to Blue Barnhouse’s line of cards on a regular basis. It’s pretty entertaining to watch the array of responses, more often than not, the type of laugh that escapes before the person even realizes that they are cackling aloud. That was most definitely me in many of these booths this year, particularly in Old Tom Foolery’s booth. Hot damn, do they ever know the perfect combination of wicked wit.

{all photos by crow and canary}


{2011 national stationery show} final sneak peek!

May 13, 2011  /  blue barnhouse, national stationery show, pie bird press, sneak peek, two trick pony

{money holder cards by 9spotmonk : booth no. 1844}

{new card from the blue barnhouse crew : booth no. 2267}

{zipper bags from pie bird press : booth no. 1554}

{2012″year of type” calendar from two trick pony}

I’ve saved some of the best for last – four exhibitors that Crow & Canary reps! A note to our wholesale buyers, many of the great lines we represent are extending their show specials through the rest of the month, exclusively for C&C accounts. Please email for details, if you’re interested.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our week of sneak peeks – we can’t wait to bring you more coverage during and after the 2011 National Stationery Show. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see more of.


living la vida letterpress guest post: by brandon mise of blue barnhouse

September 10, 2009  /  blue barnhouse, guest blogger, red cap cards

{letterpress card by blue barnhouse}

First, a little about who your dealing with: My name is Brandon. Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a writer, or a publisher, or a professor of creative writing. By some strange twist of fate I was thrown in the business of letterpress, which for me, was intended as an extra curricular outlet for expressing literature. But somehow, client work that I did not seek out kept falling in my lap, and by the time I completed my course work for my MFA, I was simply too busy being a press monkey to look for a real job.

{BBH owner, Brandon Mise, trouble shoots a troublesome photo polymer plate with studio manager, Sarah Roberts.}

I have been a letterpress printer for close to ten years now, and started my letterpress studio, Blue Barnhouse, in 2002. We have seen many changes, but it wasn’t until 2007 that we found our true calling: dirty and intelligently perverse greeting cards. There are currently 4 people in my employ, plus the usual handful of miscreant apprentices that pass through our studio on a fairly regular basis. Last year, which was our second year of slinging greetings, we sold more than 50,000 letterpressed greeting cards to retail stores across the nation and abroad.

{No, I did not write this one. We can thank our resident depraved genius/caption writer, Tyler Dockery. To my surprise, this was our best selling card at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, NYC, this summer}

So the greatest thing about this job; besides sleeping in late everyday; pounding PBR’s at Beer 30; bumping music at extraordinary decibels; and hurling totally innocuous expletives, sexual innuendos, and other forms of taboo hilarity at each other as we slave away in the studio; is the trade show, where a manufacturer can truly live a life like that of a rock star: getting kicked out of bars, trashing hotel rooms, showing up late and hungover to the booth, cracking up the masses with our trashy humor, leaving the booth early to hit more bars. Our travels, so far, have taken us to Atlanta, Dallas, Toronto, Chicago, and most often New York. It’s safe to say that we are veterans of the trade show, having exhibited more than a dozen times in the last 3 years.

What’s truly great about going to the trade shows, besides, you know, um… making money, is schmoozing with the other rock stars, folks whom you look up to and respect, folks who make a respectable living at selling their handmade products, folks you can aspire to and learn from. The great thing about BBH is that not only do we make products, we sell products from folks we’ve met in our travels, and I carry everyone I mention here in my own store. So now goes a tribute to my all time trade show favorites, and believe me, I have seen everything worth a spit. Enjoy.

{One of my favorite posters from our friends across the border in Knoxville, TN, Yee-Haw Industries, These folks truly are as old school as it gets when it comes to making a living of selling letterpress products to retailers.}

{Nobody does retro chic better than my good friends at Hello Lucky. With 12 employees and a London office, they are also way up there on my list, in terms of letterpress success.}

{Spitfire Girl and BBH are BFFFFF X 39. Their kitschy gag gifts have always done fantastically well in the BBH retail store and are the perfect compliment to our own F’d up line of greetings. Check out more of her wares here.}

{This totally freaky print from our very good friends at Delphine is not among what you would normally see on display as their usual tradeshow fanfare. They, too, have figured out a very success formula for making a living off of letterpress, and we are constantly talking shop/sharing information.}

{One of my faves from 9SpotMonk’s “Recession Line.” 9SpotMonk is an eco-friendly letterpress studio run by the Sisters Leung in NJ. The only thing they want from me when I pay a visit their booth is letterpress GOSSIP.}

{This is from BBH alumnus Kyle Durrie, who’s press, Power & Light, from Portland OR, made its debut at the National Stationery Show ’09 in the BBH booth.}

{Truly, our best selling line in the retail section of the BBH studio, is Red Cap Cards. We cannot keep their cards from flying off the rack. I only wish they did more letterpress.}

{Our friends at Kamibashi, Asheville Folk who travel Japan and Thailand Asia in search of handmade crafts, import cute little buggers of all kinds, including their notoriously popular String Doll Gang: each string doll is wound with one single thread! I have a Stringdoll keychain, so does my 7yr old son. Everybody should.}

Brandon Mise is the owner/operator at Blue Barnhouse, a collective of miscreant writers and artists who document their daily travesties/adventures via letterpressed greetings in Asheville NC. You can check out further rants regarding just about anything BBH on the their blog & via their stoop on twitter. Brandon is currently curating a collection of contemporary letterpress for his Mark Batty Publisher book, Adventures in Letterpress.

bring on the funny

July 6, 2009  /  blue barnhouse, giveaway, letterpress

Blue Barnhouse is the newest addition to the Crow and Canary collection and I’m super excited to have their handmade wit join the ranks. Currently, my favorite card from BBH is the middle image: and that’s when I said: “Martha Stewart, you’re just Kmart trash.” I laugh every time I read that sucker.

Interested in winning a $50 gift certificate for the Blue Barnhouse shop? Of course you are, it’s super easy. Just tweet this for your entry, before July 9th:

RT for a chance to win a $50 certificate from @bluebarnhouse. RT’s receive 25% off online purchases. Ends 7/9

{images via blue barnhouse}