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{2014 national stationery show}
sneak peek: fig. 2 design studio

May 15, 2014  /  national stationery show, screen-printing, sneak peek, Uncategorized

fig.-2-design-co-HEADERFig. 2 calendarFig. 2 calendar2(Fig. 2 calendar3I cannot wait to lay my eyes on Fig. 2 Design Studio’s “Be List” quarterly calendar for 2015 at NSS next week! This 2015 calendar is their very first and what a beauty it is — the neon + pastel screen printed calendar, with copper foil accents is 12×18 in size and can be trimmed down to frameable prints once the months have passed. Fig 2 will have over 60 new products in their festive & chic booth, head to Booth No. 1937 to see them all!
{images provided by fig. 2 design studio}

{2014 national stationery show}
sneak peek: oh, hello friend

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oh-hello-friend-HEADEROh Hello Friend1Oh Hello Friend 2Oh Hello Friend 3Oh Hello Friend 4 You may have also been following Danni’s escapades on her blog — Oh, Hello Friend — for sometime, so it may not come as a surprise to you that Oh, Hello Friend has developed a clever and unique line of cards and goods for wholesale. I wrote about OHF’s masking tape last year and can’t wait to see their 30 cards debuting at NSS. You will not want to miss Booth No. 2169!
{images by oh, hello friend}

{2014 national stationery show}
sneak peek: the paper cub co.

May 13, 2014  /  national stationery show, screen-printing, sneak peek

The-Paper-Cub-Co-HEADERThe Paper Cub Co. 1The Paper Cub Co. 2The Paper Cub Co. 3I am a total sucker for a beautifully screen-printed card and The Paper Cub Co. never fails to disappoint in this department! They are returning to the Stationery Show with a beautiful release of hand drawn elements and color and have added to their popular state themed postcard series, as well. Pop in to Booth No. 2159 to see all the goods!
{images by the paper cub co.}

{2014 national stationery show} pre-show picks

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C&C-pre-show-picks-20141Canoe2 Letterpress {Booth No. 1965}
9th Letterpress {Booth No. 1752}
9th Letterpress
A. Smyth Co. {Booth No. 3127}
A. Favorite Design {Booth No. 1831}
Albertine Press with Studio Carta {Booth No. 1652}
Anemone Letterpress {Booth No. 2055}
Anemone Press
Archie’s Press {Booth No. 1252}
Banquet Atelier & Workshop {Booth No. 2058}
Belle & Union {Booth No. 1856}
Belle & Union
Bench Pressed {Booth No. 1653}
Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress {Booth No. 1768}
Bison Bookbinding and Letterpress
Blackbird Letterpress {Booth No. 2059}
Brainstorm {Booth No. 2271}
Crow and Canary {Booth No. 2824}
featuring: Black & White & Red All Over, Blue Barnhouse, Candyspotting, Carolyn Suzuki, Dude and Chick, Ghost Academy, Lark Press, Melissa Rachel Black, Red Cap Cards, Rock Scissor PaperThe Good Twin Co., Two Trick Pony and Waterknot
Dear Hancock {Booth No. 2052}
Dear Hancock NSS
E. Frances Paper Studio {Booth No. 2045}
Egg Press {Booth No. 1758}
Enormous Champion {Booth No. 1771}
Fancy Seeing You Here {Booth No. 2157}
Fancy Seeing You Here
Farewell Paperie {Booth No. 2158}
Fawnsberg {Booth No. 1354}
Ferme a Papier {Booth No. 1934}
Fig. 2 Design Studio {Booth No. 1937}
Fig. 2
Flywheel Press {Booth No. 2063}
Fugu Fugu Press {Booth No. 2056}
Gilah Press + Design {Booth No. 2542}
Gingiber {Booth No. 1557}
Girls Can Tell {Booth No. 1230}
Gold Teeth Brooklyn {Booth No. 2153}
Golden Fox Goods {Booth No. 2171}
Greenwich Letterpress {Booth No. 1769}
Hammerpress {Booth No. 1763}
Hartland Brooklyn {Booth No. 1668}
Hartland Brooklyn
Hello! Lucky {Booth No. 1759}
Iron Curtain Press {Booth No. 1962}
Iron Curtain Press
Knot & Bow {Booth No. 2833}
Lure Design, formerly L2 Design Collective {Booth No. 2135}
L2 Design
Ladyfingers Letterpress {Booth No. 1862}
Life is Funny Press {Booth No. 2164}
Linda & Harriett {Booth No. 2543}
Moglea {Booth No. 2046}
Near Modern Disaster {Booth No. 2168}
Night Owl Paper Goods {Booth No. 1655}
Oh, Hello Friend {Booth No. 2169}
Oh Hello Friend
Old Tom Foolery {Booth No. 2328}
Paper Bandit Press {Booth No. 1351}
Paper Bandit Press
Paper Lovely {Booth No. 2065}
Parrott Design Studio {Booth No. 2064}
Pistachio Press {Booth No. 2057}
Power & Light Press {Booth No. 1867}
Power & Light PressPuddleduck Paper Co. {Booth No. 1656}
Puddle Duck Paper Co.
Rag & Bone Bindery {Booth No. 3130}
Sapling Press {Booth No. 2630}
Shana Frase {Booth No. 1859}
Smock {Booth No. 2341}
Sue Jean Ko {Booth No. 1568}
Sue Jean Ko
Sugar Paper {Booth No. 1943}
Sugarcube Press {Booth No. 2047}
Sycamore Street Press {Booth No. 1851}
The Great Lakes {Booth No. 1767}
The Paper Cub Co. {Booth No. 2159}
The Paper Cub Co.
The Regional Assembly of Text {Booth No. 2262}
The Social Type {Booth No. 2053}
The Social Type
Thimblepress {Booth No. 2167}
Think & Ink Studio {Booth No. 2067}
Tradeshow Bootcamp {Booth No. 1850}
 >>> Link to all TSBC exhibiting alumni and speakers here
Warren Tales {Booth No. 1357}
Wild Ink Press {Booth No. 2137}
Yellow Owl Workshop {Booth No. 1756}
It is officially time for C&C’s 2014 Stationery Show pre-show picks! Fingers crossed that I will get some time to walk the show and check out some great companies that I may have missed including on the list this year. You can browse the archives for previous year’s picks here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009. See you in New York, in just a few short days!
{Companies in BOLD type are represented by Crow and Canary}

{2014 national stationery show}
sneak peek: dear hancock calendar

May 12, 2014  /  calendars, dear hancock, national stationery show, sneak peek

Dear-Hancock-HEADERDearHancock_HistoricalWomenDeskCalendarDearHancock_HistoricalWomenMarieAntoinetteDearHancock_HistoricalWomenAmeliaDearHancock_HistoricalWomenDesks_backI was ecstatic when Dear Hancock told me about their 2015 calendar concept, in which they have painted the imagined desks of 12 historical women; this is their third desk themed, desk calendar and every previous year they have sold out! Dear Hancock will be replicating Amelia Earhart’s desk in their NSS booth and posting process shots of the construction and painting of the desk on their Instagram feed. DH is also releasing new cards, as well as a collaboration with Erin Jang for Museum Nails of abstract fruits, they are AMAZE. See all this wonder yourself in Booth No. 2052!
{images by dear hancock}

{2014 national stationery show}
instagram mania, edition one

May 9, 2014  /  instagram, national stationery show, sneak peek, Uncategorized


IG-banner@nightingaleprojectsABOVE: @nightingaleprojects@thegreatlakesgoodsABOVE: @thegreatlakesgoods@gingiberABOVE: @gingiber@candyspottingABOVE: @candyspotting@shindigpaperieABOVE: @shindigpaperie@carolynsuzukiABOVE: @carolynsuzuki@thimblepressABOVE: @thimblepress@blackbirdletterpressABOVE: @blackbirdletterpress@goldteethbrooklynABOVE: @goldteethbrooklyn@pistachiopressABOVE: @pistachiopress

Just popping in with a few Instagram photos that have caught my eye in the last week or so. If you need an even bigger fix, be sure to check out these hash tags: #NSS2014 #stationeryshow on IG, Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be posting my annual walking list picks on Monday morning, so be sure to come back by for a gander!
{all photos by sources listed below image via instagram}

{2014 national stationery show
e. frances paper studio}

May 7, 2014  /  illustration, national stationery show, new releases, sneak peek

E.-Frances-HeaderE.Frances Paper C&C BlogE. Frances C&C Blog 2E. Frances C&C Blog 3It is with great pride that I post a sneak peek of a few of E. Frances Paper’s newest product debuting at NSS. I had the utmost pleasure of offering a bit of mentorship to E. Frances, prior to their launch last fall and I continue to be blown away by their beautiful, poignant and funny releases – perfect combo in my book! The ladies behind E. Frances, Ali, Pip and Jenni, will be launching quite a few new cards including a new take on their watercolor washes with foil stamping and a very fun new product is shown above with many uses, “Little Notes”, they each include 85 itty bitty notes to be used for any occassion, a gift tag, a lunch note, to put under a windshield wiper, etc. Be sure to say howdy to these three sweet sisters in Booth No. 2045
{images provided by e. frances paper studio}

{2014 national stationery show}
sneak peek: parrott design studio

May 6, 2014  /  letterpress, national stationery show, sneak peek, Uncategorized

parrott Parrott Design | C&C blog 1Parrott Design | C&C Blog 2.Parrott Design | C&C Blog 3Our next fetching NSS sneak peek comes from Parrott Design Studio, in Rhode Island. I’ve been a follower and fan of Sarah’s beautiful and distinctive style for awhile and was delighted when Sarah agreed to send a few images of her new NSS releases my way. The wooden cake toppers are a brand new category and there will be a total of three debuting at the show, with plans to expand the offering. Do not miss the Parrott Design Studio Booth — No. 2064!
{images by parrott design studio}

{2014 national stationery show}
sneak peek: red cap cards

May 5, 2014  /  cards, national stationery show, new releases, red cap cards, sneak peek


The 2014 Stationery Show marks our 8th trade show at Javits, in which we have the honor to showcase the immense talent behind Red Cap Cards! Their newest releases are SO spot on, 36 new cards will be featured and Red Cap has added yet another talented illustrator to the ranks, Josie Portillo (middle card above). An additional note that there is also a very sweet lady version of the same sex wedding card, (bottom image) designed by Anke Weckmann, that will be available later this month. Top “Good Luck” card is designed by an eternal RCC favorite, Becca Stadtlander. Swing by and see more in Booth No. 2824!
{images by red cap cards}

{2014 national stationery show} sneak peek: iron curtain press

May 2, 2014  /  letterpress, los angeles, national stationery show, sneak peek, Uncategorized


Iron-Curtain-Press-_-Crow-&-Canary1) Iron Curtain Press | Crow & Canary Blog3) Iron Curtain Press | Crow & Canary Blog2) Iron Curtain Press | Crow & Canary BlogI audibly squealed when I saw these new birthday cards from Iron Curtain Press and also had a very distinctive craving for cake and tacos! Iron Curtain Press will be returning to the Stationery Show with 42 new cards and a new category – prints – in which they will have 10 available to order. 2013 was their first year at NSS and they made quite a splash, so be sure that you swing by Booth No. 1962 to ogle all of the awesomeness!
{images by iron curtain press}