{2014 national stationery show}
instagram mania, edition one

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IG-banner@nightingaleprojectsABOVE: @nightingaleprojects@thegreatlakesgoodsABOVE: @thegreatlakesgoods@gingiberABOVE: @gingiber@candyspottingABOVE: @candyspotting@shindigpaperieABOVE: @shindigpaperie@carolynsuzukiABOVE: @carolynsuzuki@thimblepressABOVE: @thimblepress@blackbirdletterpressABOVE: @blackbirdletterpress@goldteethbrooklynABOVE: @goldteethbrooklyn@pistachiopressABOVE: @pistachiopress

Just popping in with a few Instagram photos that have caught my eye in the last week or so. If you need an even bigger fix, be sure to check out these hash tags: #NSS2014 #stationeryshow on IG, Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be posting my annual walking list picks on Monday morning, so be sure to come back by for a gander!
{all photos by sources listed below image via instagram}

{2013 national stationery show}
instagram mania: edition two

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INSTAGRAM-edition-twoCrow and Canary Blog | Yellow Owl WorkshopCrow and Canary Blog | OneCanoeTwoCrow and Canary Blog | Greenwich Letterpress copy Crow and Canary Blog | Steel Petal Press copy Crow and Canary Blog | Belle & Union Co. copy Crow and Canary Blog | Fugu Fugu Press copy Crow and Canary Blog | Studio on Fire copy Crow and Canary Blog | Rifle Paper Co. copy

1. @yellowowlworkshop | Yellow Owl Workshop
2. @1canoe2letterpress | 1canoe2 letterpress
3. @greenwichletterpress | Greenwich Letterpress
4. @steelpetalpress | Steel Petal Press
5. @belleandunionco |Belle & Union
6. @fugufugupress | Fugu Fugu Press
7. @studioonfire | Studio on Fire
8. @annariflebond | Rifle Paper Co.
{all images via instagram}



{2013 national stationery show}
instagram mania, edition one

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Instagram-Edition-One Thimble Press copy Parrott Design copy The Great Lakes copy Studio Carta copy Sugarcube Press copy Printerette copy Plane Paper copy Ashkahn copy

1. @thimblepress | Thimble Press
2. @parrotdesign | Parrot Design Studio
3. @thegreatlakesgoods | The Great Lakes Goods
4. @angelaliguori | Studio Carta
5. @sugarcubepress | Sugarcube Press
6. @printerette | Printerette Press
7. @planedashpaper | Plane Paper
8. @ashkahnrulez | ASHKAHN
My Instagram round-up last year, was one of my most viewed NSS posts in 2012. I’ll be putting FANCY THIS FRIDAY on hold for the next four Fridays to bring you more NSS+IG love! Be sure to follow me at @crowandcanary for a glimpse into our show prep, as well. See you back here Monday with a sneak peek from a very talented first time exhibitor with some insanely brilliant hand lettering skills.
{all images via instagram}

bunnies + crafty time

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Easter eggs 2013
We’re a bit bunny obsessed in my casa. Did you know that we adopted a sweet Holland Lop rabbit back in November? Yep, Sherman is our new buddy and our pug/beagle mix, Ula thinks she is the bee’s knees (yup, you read ‘she’ correctly, her gender was misidentified twice – c’est la vie!). My Instagram feed is littered with photos of our two sweet fuzzy buddies, if you’re interested in getting a glimpse, or two.
Last year, the mister and I experimented with coloring eggs, we had a ton of fun, but the results were a bit… blah. This year, we were delighted with the results, though I have no clue how to really explain the process! We bought a super cheap gold paint kit and mostly just made up our own rules. We also experimented with marbling with food dye and shaving cream, which you probably saw on Pinterest, just like I did. We layered the two techniques and came up with some mighty fine egg art, if I do say so myself. Brian grew up crafting with his mom, she’s an expert quilter amongst other talents and I love that B knows his way around a hot glue gun. He always comes up with clever costumes, gifts and is game for whatever hare-brained DIY I have in mind for us. I feel perpetually lucky to have such a fun partner.

{2012 national stationery show} instagram mania

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@hidinginhere : seed house stationers
@sugarcubepress : sugar cube press
@catherinepolacek : printerette press
@angelaliguori : carta inc.
@1canoe2letterpress : 1canoe2 letterpress
@fugufugupress : fugu fugu press
@twopaperdolls : two paper dolls
@curlygirl510 : curly girl design
@nicstudio : the nic studio
@aleeandpress : alee and press
Instagram has been one of my favorite iPhone apps for the last 16 months, combine that with photos of great stationer’s show prep, new product and sneak peeks and I’m basically in heaven! Search under hashtags for #NSS in Instragram and you’re guaranteed daily eye candy the next few weeks. You can find me at @crowandcanary.

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