e-valentines from kate spade

February 7, 2011  /  love, valentine's day

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For the past several years, I’ve looked forward to Kate Spade’s “Be Mine” gallery of e-valentines that pops up in February. A smattering of cute and clever designs from a mix of great artists, what’s not to love? If you’re still searching for the perfect tangible Valentine, I’ve teamed up with Curbly for one more Valentine round-up: “Totally Sweet Valentine Cards for Her”.

{all images via kate spade}

v-day pick: no. 9

February 1, 2011  /  love

This Greenwich Letterpress card is a favorite this year and a true contender for my ale loving mister. If you’re in the mood for more love cards, check out my Seriously Awesome Valentine Cards for Him round-up over on Curbly.

{image via greenwich letterpress}


v-day pick: no. 8

January 23, 2011  /  love, portland

I had the pleasure of ogling Tokketok’s goods at Little Winter in November. A lovely and cohesive line, I haven’t seen a single design that I didn’t like. Get your “…so I must love you cards” now, I hear that they’re selling like hotcakes!

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{images via tokketok}


v-day pick: no. 7

February 4, 2010  /  love

Absolutely loving this card from BirdDog Press, I find the use of vintage wood type irresistible! I had the pleasure of meeting Allison, proprietress of BirdDog, at the National Stationey Show last year – truly a talented designer and printmaker.

Click here for V-Day picks 1-7.

{image via birddog press}


v-day pick: no. 6

January 22, 2010  /  love

I’m simply nuts about Anna Bond’s signature floral illustrations. The identity that she created for Bonnie Tsang’s photography business is one of my favorite examples of her floral work. Her newly launched stationery company, Rifle Paper Co. showcases Anna’s amazing talents. Above is a pick from the Valentine collection – more here.

Post Edit:
The ever-lovely Gabby, of Gabby She Wrote, just reminded me that my readers may be wondering where V-Day picks numbers 1-4 are… Excellent question! You can find my 2009 picks by clicking the LOVE” label at the bottom of this post.

{image via rifle paper co.}


v-day pick: no. 5

January 20, 2010  /  etsy, love

{up up creative’s ‘crazy love card two’}

{up up creative’s ‘crazy love card six’}

{up up creative’s ‘crazy love card eight’}

I’m a big fan of Up Up Creative’s designs. I purchased one of their modern printable recipe cards last month and it was a such a hit! There’s a series of eight in this vein and they’re all nothing short of awesome. These cards passed my personal “laugh out loud” test. You know you want read the rest, check them out here.

{images via up up creative}


v-day pick: no. 4

February 13, 2009  /  dog obsession, love

Maybe it’s the crazy dog lady coming out in me, but I can’t help but swoon over a sweet canine card. Pearl & Marmalade have scored extra points in naming this design ‘Rawhide Regards’.

v-day pick: no.3

February 11, 2009  /  block printing, ghost academy, love

Ghost Academy has an incredible selection of love cards. This card in particular absolutely takes the cake. It’s precisely the card I’d like to receive on Valentine’s day. 


v-day pick: no.2

February 10, 2009  /  love, red cap cards

Another favorite, the distinctive designs of Red Cap Cards. If you haven’t visited their website yet you must absolutely do so, now. It’s okay, I’ll wait…

Totally worth it, right? It’s on my top five list of coolest websites on the planet.

v-day pick: no.1

February 9, 2009  /  laser cut paper, love, rob ryan

I think this is one of the sweetest sentiments, combined with the medium I can’t imagine a more perfect love card. Artist, Rob Ryan, has a shop in London aptly named Ryantown. I guarantee that it will be on my list of destinations on my next trip to the UK. If you are still on the search for a valentine gift take a gander at his etsy shop.