par avion

par avion: candyspotting

November 3, 2010  /  candyspotting, cards, laser cut paper, par avion

Hot off the press, err… laser, I present these glimmering and sweet laser cut cards from Candyspotting. Could they be any more darling?

{images by candyspotting}


par avion: red cap cards

July 30, 2009  /  par avion, red cap cards

I adore my job for so many reasons, but high up on the list is getting packages of samples in the mail from the talented designers I work with. Although the goodies aren’t for me personally, it still feels like Christmas every time I get to delve into a box of new items to show off to buyers.

I’m so pleased to have Red Cap Cards join the line up, we’ve been hoping to collaborate for awhile and now I’m their official rep in Oregon and Washington. Hooray!


par avion galore

February 20, 2009  /  oddball press, par avion, sneak peek

Yesterday I received tons of new product in the post. I thought it was only right to share some of the treasures here.

1. New notebooks from 9SpotMonk. Perfect for your pocket or purse. Over ten styles to choose from.
2. Northern Night Lights hand crafts these beautiful mulberry paper lamps. Made from sustainable materials in the US.
3. Just added Oddball Press to our
repertoire and am I ever pleased! The designs are so whimsical and I adore the letterpress envelopes that accompany each card.

{images by crow & canary}


par avion: a love aquatic

January 15, 2009  /  hearts and anchors, letterpress, par avion

Another awesome find, for all you etsy junkies. I discovered their website while catching up on Hello! Lucky’s blog. I absolutely couldn’t resist this card, which has been promptly framed and awaiting a place of honor on my wall. Be sure to check out the Hearts & Anchors website for more of Sarah’s amazing work.

par avion: otter mania

December 30, 2008  /  foxy and winston, par avion

A surprise holiday gift that came in the post from Jane at Foxy & Winston. She and her designs are nothing short of brilliant. I suddenly have the urge to do some corresponding!