laser cut paper

par avion: candyspotting

November 3, 2010  /  candyspotting, cards, laser cut paper, par avion

Hot off the press, err… laser, I present these glimmering and sweet laser cut cards from Candyspotting. Could they be any more darling?

{images by candyspotting}


to a modern 2010

December 22, 2009  /  calendars, laser cut paper

{2010 laser cut calendar by candyspotting}

I know it’s a wee bit late in the year for calendars, but there’s no way I could resist sharing Candyspotting’s lovely offering for 2010. The paper they’re using on these is truly luxe.

Although I already have several newbies for the new year, (seriously, I think I’ve had at least three calendars in my house for a decade or more) I doubt that I’ll be able to stop myself from adding this one into the mix. I’d be certain to keep an eye on their Etsy shop, as I’m confident that Candyspotting’s offerings will be growing in the new year!

Speaking of calendars, I’ll have a new giveaway to share with you next week. Worth the wait, I promise.


laser lust

June 29, 2009  /  big ideas, laser cut paper

{vinyl silhouette by sillyette}

{laser engraved dollar bills by scott campbell}

{bookends by david stark}

Last week, I began learning to use a laser cutter and am totally delighted and overwhelmed at the endless possibilities that this new medium presents. I’m working on a small line of laser cut papergoods, that I’m super excited about designing and producing. More on that later, I promise… In the meantime, I thought I’d share some lovely laser cut/engraved pieces that I’ve seen recently, enjoy!

{vinyl silhouette via toxel, engraved money via divine caroline, bookends via @design_sponge}


v-day pick: no.1

February 9, 2009  /  laser cut paper, love, rob ryan

I think this is one of the sweetest sentiments, combined with the medium I can’t imagine a more perfect love card. Artist, Rob Ryan, has a shop in London aptly named Ryantown. I guarantee that it will be on my list of destinations on my next trip to the UK. If you are still on the search for a valentine gift take a gander at his etsy shop.