on dads and letterpress.

June 29, 2011  /  father's day, letterpress

{card by sycamore street press}

I’m dreadfully late to try to call this a Father’s Day post, but I just had to give a little shout out to my pop and have had this awesome image from Sycamore Street Press on my desktop for weeks.

This is my fifth year working in the stationery industry and it wasn’t until recently that I connected how much my dad shaped my passion and interest in cool cards. He was really my first pen pal. From a young age, he was frequently gone for work and eventually when my parents separated, he made it a point to write me letters on unique cards. I even have a letterpress card he sent me from the late 80’s – by Saturn Press, if you’re curious.

My dad has also been a major champion of my business, when I travel to Los Angeles to call on shops he often acts as my chauffeur. Many of the buyers I work with know my dad and will make a point to ask about him or say hello. He’ll call to tell me about new shops that sell cards, how sweet is that?

I’m eternally grateful to all my friends and family that have been a major support in my business endeavors, but wanted to take a moment to highlight my own dad, for whom will never be too manly for letterpress!

{image by nicole hill gerulat for sycamore street press}