{2009 national stationery show} spotlight on: calendars

May 26, 2009  /  calendars, national stationery show

{linda & harriett}

{old school stationers}

These two designers really hit it out of the ballpark with their 2010 calendars. Linda & Harriett always come up with chic designs, so I was very excited to hear that their new wall calendar is perforated. Perforated? You may be thinking… Yes! So that you can send their cute patterns as a postcard once the month is over. Sheer genius.

The desk calendar, designed and printed by Old School Stationers, is truly enchanting. I love that they tried something new in designing their own eco-friendly and stylish stands to hold the calendar. Now I just have to wait for the new year to come!

{top two images via design*sponge, bottom image by crow & canary}



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