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May 13, 2013  /  national stationery show, pre-show picks


1canoe2 letterpress {Booth No. 1965}
55 Hi’s {Booth No. 1868}
9th Letter Press {Booth No. 1754}
Albertine Press with Studio Carta {Booth No. 1762}
Anemone Letterpress {Booth No. 2068}

Anemone Letterpress | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from anemone letterpress]

Avie Designs {Booth No. 1937}
Banquet Atelier & Workshop {Booth No. 2058}
Belle & Union {Booth No. 1853}
Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress {Booth No. 1768}

Bison Letterpress | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from bison bookbinding & letterpress]

Blackbird Letterpress {Booth No. 2059}
Blue Barnhouse with Lady Pilot Letterpress {Booth No. 2054}
Brainstorm {Booth No. 2271}
Cake for Charlie {Booth No. 2033}
Chewing the Cud {Booth No. 1931}
Chronicle Books {Booth No. 2920}
Crow and Canary {Booth No. 3124}
featuring: ASHKAHN, Black & White & Red All Over, Candyspotting, Carolyn Suzuki, Cartolina, Dude and Chick, Ghost Academy, Gilah Press + Design, Greenwich Letterpress, Lark Press, Pie Bird Press, Red Cap Cards, Rock Scissor Paper, Two Trick Pony, Waterknot

Crow & Canary NSS 2013

[mailer from crow and canary]

Dear Hancock {Booth No. 2052}

Dear Hancock | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from dear hancock]

Ecka & Pecka {Booth No. 3125}
Egg Press {Booth No. 1758}
Emily McDowell {Booth No. 2854}
Fancy Seeing You Here {Booth No. 2157}
Farewell Paperie {Booth No. 2158}
Fat Bunny Press {Booth No. 2070}
Fig. 2 Design {Booth No. 1771}
Fine Day Press {Booth No. 2046}

Fine Day Press | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from fine day press]

Ferme à Papier by Cat Seto {Booth No. 2136}
Flywheel Press {Booth No. 2067}
Fugu Fugu Press {Booth No. 2056}
Girls Can Tell {Booth No. 1377}
Gold Teeth Brooklyn {Booth No. 2152}
Haute Papier {Booth No. 2144}
Hello!Lucky {Booth No. 1759}
Igloo Letterpress {Booth No. 2854}
Ilee Papergoods {Booth No. 1370}
Iron Curtain Press {Booth No. 1679}Iron Curtain Press

[mailer from iron curtain press]

Kate & Birdie Paper Co. {Booth No. 1755}
Katharine Watson {Booth No. 1942}

Katharine Watson | Crow and Canary Blog

[mailer from katharine watson]

Kelp Designs {Booth No. 1775}

Kelp Designs | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer by kelp designs]

L2 Design Collective {Booth No. 2135}
Ladies of Letterpress {Booth No. 2374-80}
featuring: 12fifteen design + letterpress, Ari Press, Black Heart Letterpress, Bowerbox Press, Creativity, Grey Moggie Press, Les Bois Letterpress, Noteworthy*Paper & Press, Pressbound, Steel Petal Press

Steel Petal Press | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from steel petal press]

Ladyfingers Letterpress {Booth No. 1874}

Ladyfingers Letterpresss | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from ladyfingers letterpress]

Maginating {Booth No. 2062}
Mr. Boddington’s Studio {Booth No. 1862}
Moglea {Booth No. 2055}
Night Owl Paper Goods {Booth No. 2051}
Oblation Papers & Press {Booth No. 2811}
Oddball Press {Booth No. 1778}
Old Tom Foolery {Booth No. 3006}
Pancake & Franks {Booth No. 2057}
The Paper Cub Co. with Sass & Peril {Booth No. 2169}
Paper Lovely {Booth No. 2070}
Parrott Design Studio with Letter & Lark {Booth No. 2168}
Pei Design {Booth No. 1774}

Pei Design[mailer from pei design]

Pistachio Press {Booth No. 2065}
Plane Paper {Booth No. 1674}
Power & Light Press {Booth No. 2254}
Power & Light Press | Crow and Canary Blog

[mailer from power & light press]

Printerette Press {Booth No. 2156}

Printerette | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from printerette press]

Sapling Press {Booth No. 2064}
Screech Owl Design {Booth No. 1662}
Shana Frase {Booth No. 1859}
Sideshow Press {Booth No. 1852}
Smock {Booth No. 2341}
sugar paper los angeles {Booth No. 1943-45}

Sugar Paper | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from sugar paper los angeles]

Sugarcube Press {Booth No. 2047}
Sycamore Street Press {Booth No. 1851}
Tabletop Made {Booth No. 1379}
The Great Lakes {Booth No. 1777}
Regional Assembly of Text {Booth No. 1670}
The Social Type {Booth No. 2053}
Thimblepress {Booth No. 2167}

Thimblepress | Crow and Canary Blog[mailer from thimblepress.com]

Tutta Lou Press with Orange Twist {Booth No. 1875}Tutta Lou Press & Orange Twist | Crow and Canary Blog

[mailer from tutta lou and orange twist]

Wednesday {Booth No. 2154}
Wild Ink Press {Booth No. 2071}Wild Ink Press | Crow and Canary Blog

[mailer from wild ink press]

Yellow Owl Workshop {Booth No. 1756}

It’s officially time for C&C’s 2013 Stationery Show pre-picks! This is our longest list yet and as always, I’m sure to find many lines at the show that weren’t on my radar yet. You can browse the archives for previous year’s picks here: 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009. See you in New York!

EDIT: We’ve added a printable walking list here: Crow and Canary’s 2013 NSS List, enjoy!

{Companies in BOLD type are represented by Crow and Canary}


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