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Carina Murray
Principal Sales Rep

1631 NE Broadway Street No. 612
Portland, Oregon 97232

{t} 503-516-1804

New line submissions may be sent to Carina or Keli via email or snail mail.

Keli Faw
Sales Rep
Territory: Washington, Oregon & Vancouver, BC

{t} 206-228-2546

NEW: Rachael Geneson
Sales Rep
Territory: Northern California

{t} 510-703-4953

Christine Shelly
Sales Rep
Territory: Southern California

{t} 818-929-7771

+++ Seeking rep within this region +++
Territories: New York, New Jersey & Philadelphia, PA

{t} 206-228-2546

Alex Hurley
Sales Rep
Territories: District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia

{t} 240-472-0925
{f} 301-963-3775

Deva Ruggiero
Sales Rep
Territories: Massachusetts & Rhode Island

{t} 781-248-8987
{f} 401-353-2129